About us

Synergetic Creations is a handmade jewellery line specialising in unique gemstone jewellery. Every Synergetic Creations piece is designed and handcrafted with love by Jessica in Melbourne, Australia. 

Handmade and environmentally conscious
Where possible we use local materials sourced from Australia. The majority of our sterling silver is recycled from scrap rather than obtained from a mine; thus lessening our involvement in the continuous mining of raw materials that leaves a mark on the environment. We source our recycled silver from an Australian company who manufacture it in an environmentally conscious way. Our opals are all Australian, and our opal triplets are manufactured in Queensland. Where possible we try to use Australian gemstones, and will never feature diamonds in our pieces. Our jewellery is designed and hand crafted in Australia without the use of large-scale manufacturing. We use natural alternatives to chemicals where possible, and use minimal packaging.

Vegan friendly
Synergetic Creations is proudly vegan friendly and cruelty free. We believe in the importance of coexisting peacefully with our animal friends, therefore we do not feature any animal-by-products in our pieces, packaging or process. This includes things like pearls, feathers, bone, cuttlefish, shellac, leather and beeswax, which are often used in the production of jewellery.

Custom orders
We love making custom pieces in the design and style of your choosing. Please get in touch via the contact page or question tab (bottom right) if you would like to place a custom order. 

Stockists & Collaborations
We are interested in supplying wholesale to boutiques and jewellery stores in Australia and worldwide. We are also looking to collaborate with photographers, models, and influencers. Please get in touch if you are interested. 

Contact us
Please contact us via email at contact@synergeticcreations.com.au or via the messenger tab in the bottom right corner.