International orders

What currency do you support?
Our website allows you to shop in your chosen currency, however our website platform only supports checking out in Australian dollars. This is at the most current exchange rate and will not affect the total of your order, but may cause some confusion. Please ensure your payment method supports paying in Australian dollars, otherwise please contact us for alternative arrangements. If your currency is not listed as an option, use a currency converter such as this to determine what you will pay.

Where do you ship to?
We ship to almost all countries in the world. For prices please visit our shipping & returns page.


- Australian customers only - 

What is afterpay?
Buy now and pay later. Instead of paying up front, you can pay it off over four interest free instalments every fortnight. The best part is your items will be shipped straight away like a normal purchase. It's perfect if you don't yet have the funds, or want something a little more gentle on the bank account. 

How does it work?

Ring sizes

Please see our ring size guide for detailed information on how to work out your ring size. Our rings are displayed in US sizes.

Jewellery care 

Our sterling silver pieces are made from high quality .925 sterling silver and fine silver. Over time sterling silver can lose it's shine or turn an unpleasant colour which means it has tarnished or oxidised. The best way to prevent this is by simply wearing it often. The natural oils on your skin will keep it looking clean and shiny. Tarnish can easily be fixed by rubbing your piece with a jewellery polishing cloth. Please handle your jewellery with care as the silver may mark if scratched or dropped. Sterling silver pieces featuring gemstones are okay to get wet on occasion, unless it features an opal triplet. Avoid getting your opal triplet wet as water may seep into the layers and reduce the shine of the stone.

Our silver plated pieces contain a thin layer of silver over copper. Over time the silver layer may wear off and reveal the copper underneath. This can be prevented by storing in an air tight bag and avoiding getting it wet or coming in contact with chemicals.

Jewellery allergies

Most jewellery metal allergies are caused by nickel and occur with plated silver and gold. Our sterling silver jewellery does not contain any nickel and is generally okay for people with jewellery/nickel allergies. Our silver plated pieces may not be suitable for people who are prone to jewellery/nickel allergies so we recommend sticking with our sterling silver or macrame pieces if you have experienced irritation in the past. 


As a small business we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality jewellery. Our pieces are made to last when cared for properly, however general wear and tear and individual damage may occur. In this circumstance we are happy to repair your item free of charge on the basis that the customer covers all postage costs. This largely depends on the nature of the damage, so please get in touch if you are after a repair so we can determine whether or not it is possible.